David Jankowsky, Francis Energy EV Charging Stations

Super-Charging Oklahoma

By Kevin Canfield, Tulsa World

David Jankowsky believes Oklahoma is absolutely ready to become the electric vehicle capital of the world.

“It is at our fingertips,” he said.

Jankowsky, president of Francis Energy, was not, as one might suspect these days, simply parroting the enthusiasm many Tulsans feel about the possibility of Tesla building its next factory here.

He’s making a larger point: Oklahoma is better positioned than any other state in the country to welcome Tesla or any other electric vehicle manufacturer.

Not only does the state offer cheap land, inexpensive utilities and a strong workforce, Jankowsky said, it’s got the EV infrastructure necessary for Oklahomans to drive the cars once they roll off the assembly line.

“Every 50 miles in Oklahoma now has a supercharger,” he said. “… That makes Oklahoma No. 3 in total superchargers installed in its state, behind California and Washington. We’re not even that far behind Washington — and (we have) more than New York, more than Texas.

“Second, we are the only state where every 50 miles has a supercharger. That is pretty incredible.”

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