Plug in. Charge on.

We believe EV chargers should be accessible to all. That's why we're placing chargers
Every 50 Miles across the US. And that's just the beginning

For Business

Tailored solutions for your business that are easy and reliable for you and your customers

Government Solutions

The United States needs many more EV charging stations and federal funds for them are coming

Our story
and Mission

The Francis Energy Team built the nations first comprehensive statewide network of fast chargers across the state of Oklahoma with stations virtually every 50 miles

Our latest chargers

With three levels of charger, our network offers unmatched compatibility and unrivaled charging power. Before your first use, remember to consult your vehicle’s owner manual for detailed information regarding plug types and charging compatibility. To create a Francis Energy account, click here.

Level 2 AC

50kW DC Level

200kW DC High Power