Francis Energy Partners with Wally’s to Build One of the Largest Charging Centers in the Mid-West

Francis Energy Partners with Wally’s to Build One of the Largest Charging Centers in the Mid-West

TULSA, OK (12/1/21) – Francis Energy announced today that the company is partnering with Wally’s to provide its EV fast-charging units so drivers can easily power up while enjoying the amenities of the iconic travel centers. The partnership signals the evolving culture around the EV ownership experience as drivers have more time on their hands while charging their cars. 

Francis Energy will provide charging access to Wally’s customers at its newest site in the St. Louis metro area in Fenton, Missouri opening in January 2022. Wally’s will also rely on Francis Energy’s fast-charging units at future sites as the company expands across middle America. With Francis Energy as a partner, each Wally’s location will ultimately be home to a large-scale EV charging hub, reinforcing Wally’s reputation as a road trip destination. 

Francis Energy Founder and CEO David Jankowsky said, “It is going to take companies like Wally’s that have the foresight to invest in the infrastructure needed to make the inevitable transition to the EV economy. We look forward to building a long-lasting and valued relationship.”

Wally’s Founder and CEO Michael Rubenstein said, “Wally’s is home of the Great American Road Trip and we have created a unique and interactive guest experience for the traveler.  We are committed to be part of the EV future which is why we have built a separate canopy for EV chargers, a convenient entrance to the store, and invested in infrastructure to allow us to future-proof and grow with the coming demand. Partnering with Francis Energy allows us to have a best-in-class experience for the charging community.”

Jankowsky added, “This is a transformational point in history that is changing the way we drive and fuel our vehicles as well as the culture around it. The Wally’s concept is an important piece of the puzzle – it changes the way we think by providing EV drivers a first-class experience and making EV charging an intentional part of the delivery design.”

Francis Energy is the fourth largest owner and operator of direct current fast-charging (DCFC) stations in the country. The Francis network includes more than 550 fast charging ports across 120 distinct locations providing coverage virtually every 50 miles in the state of Oklahoma – the first comprehensive statewide fast-charging network in the nation.

Wally’s is a destination travel center with a 30,000 square foot store in Pontiac, IL offering customers a one-of-a-kind experience with shopping, fueling, and dining amenities. 

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