Francis Energy EV Charging Station

9 hot startups that could make or break the electric car industry by rethinking how drivers plug in

TULSA, OK (December 30, 2021) Over the next seral years, automakers will release electric versions of the pickups and SUVs their customers love. But that love is unlikely to last if their buyers struggle to keep them charged up while on the road.

Right now, more than 80 percent of EV charging is done at home, according to the US Department of Energy. But if consumers can’t find an open, working, convenient charger out in public – or don’t think they can – they’re not likely to adopt these cars quickly…

For prospective EV buyers in charging deserts – areas often left out of this conversation, like rural towns – Francis Energy is developing a regional network of public fast-charging stations. The six-year-old Tulsa, Oklahoma-based startup has started by establishing a comprehensive network in the state, where drivers would always be within about 50 miles of a charging location.

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