TULSA, OK (July 26, 2022) – David Jankowsky, founder and CEO of Francis Energy, responded to recent news reported by the Wall Street Journal that Tesla is preparing to open its national electric vehicle (EV) charging network of 1,440 sites to all drivers.

Jankowsky said, “The biggest obstacle to Americans making the switch from gas to electric is the fear drivers have of running out of battery power. It is going to take an all-in approach from the entire EV industry as well as government at all levels to make this happen. Having Tesla open its charging network to all drivers will help accelerate the historic transition to EVs. Providing fast, convenient charging access will increase driver confidence and take us a step closer to changing the way we drive for the first time in generations.” Noted Jankowsky, “A significant portion of our customers on our network are Tesla drivers.”

Francis Energy is a Tulsa based company that owns and operates the nation’s first comprehensive statewide network of EV fast chargers. Francis has established a network with more than 120 locations that provides coverage virtually every 50 miles in the state of Oklahoma.

The Francis network currently serves Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Missouri, with additional projects under construction in Alabama and Kansas. Francis is working with states and localities to expand its charging network across 35 states with a focus on providing equitable charging access to all – serving rural, tribal, and disadvantaged communities.