EV Fast-Charging Company Francis Energy Applauds Biden Administration’s Continued Progress in Establishing National Charging Network

TULSA, OK (June 10, 2022) – While in Washington, DC this week for a national electric vehicle (EV) charging symposium, Francis Energy, the owner and operator of the nation’s first comprehensive statewide network of EV fast charging infrastructure, applauded the Biden Administration’s continued progress in establishing a reliable national charging network. The U.S. Department of Transportation hosted a series of stakeholder listening sessions for its two-day Charging Forward event and opening remarks from U.S. DOT Deputy Secretary Polly Trottenberg included a shout out to the success of the Francis Energy charging network in Oklahoma.

Secretary Trottenberg said, “We want to make sure this transformative technology will be available in every community large and small. I have just gotten back from Oklahoma which some of you may not know, Oklahoma actually leads the states in per capita charging infrastructure, it’s an oil and gas state but they are going in big on electric charging.”

David Jankowsky, founder and CEO of Francis Energy, commented, “America’s electrification of transportation will only accelerate with increased access and visibility of reliable public fast-charging, that’s why this summer’s preparations at the state level for the federal government’s historic investment in charging infrastructure is so important. Francis Energy stands ready to continue our work with state and local governments and other stakeholders in building a public charging network that reaches into all communities across the heartland.”

Francis Energy built the first comprehensive statewide network of fast chargers across the state of Oklahoma, with stations virtually every 50 miles. The Oklahoma network ensures rural areas, tribal lands, and underserved communities have reliable access to EV charging stations and serves as a successful model in building a public charging network across middle America.

Francis is currently expanding its fast-charging network into 35 states.

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